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What causes Knee Pain and How our SRDP Treatment helps ?

The knee joint is the biggest joint of the human body and is intended to help the whole weight of the body, empowering us to walk, run or dance. Harm to any construction in the knee joint can affect typical development.


Knee pain is a common complaint affecting people of all ages, young and old. It can be an after effect of injury, for example, such as a ligament tear or damage to the menisci, or can be age-related, for example, ortho-arthritis. It is likewise experienced in a bunch of different conditions, like auto-immune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis), or as a result of accumulation of metabolic products in the joint spaces (gout).

Knee pain symptoms may include redness, stiffness and swelling. Frequently, knee pain can be managed by physiotherapy or knee supports, albeit a few conditions require prescriptions or potentially medical procedure.

We give more importance to diagnose and understand the disease thoroughly to cure the root-cause. We treat all types of joints pain, due to Rheumatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, frozen shoulder, neck pain, knee pain. We also treat Sports Injuries involving the different joints, like ligament injuries, tear of meniscus etc. Our advanced Ayurvedic SRDP treatment, help 1.5 Lakh knee pain, joints pain patients to avoid knee replacement surgery every year.

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