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We at Parasnath Speciality Clinics do treatments based on the principles and have developed unique treatment methodology called S.R.D.P. (Scientific Reversal Detoxification Process) by this process, body and mind gets purified when patients journey starts from illness to wellness. ultimately gods blessings work when all treatments are over. When anyone pray to god from heart we see that it works like miracle. Now a days some spiritual institutes are doing evidence based research or various critical as well as untreatable diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Diseases and come with the conclusion that it works more efficiently than medicines. By keeping the ask views in mind we are trying to give best answer to the universal health problems through modern science, ayurveda, spirituality and astrology for health, wealth and happiness.

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Your Knees are a vital part of your body that plays a huge role in your everyday life. They allow you to walk around, do your job, and even sleep at night. But what happens when your knee start to hurt?

Scientific Revrsal Detoxification Process (SRDP)
What is meant by SRDP?

SRDP is a treatment method by which our body and mind gets purified.


According to Ayurveda, Body and Mind are two main sites of any disease.


To cure from disease we have to remove toxins from Body and Mind.


The Science useful to transform from illness to wellness includes Modern Science, Ayurveda, Spirituality and Astrology.

We at Parasnath Speciality Clinics use all scientific treatments from al pathies to cure diseases so Body and Mind get purified and patient becomes disease free…

How will we avoid the Operation?

Operation will be avoided by 4 Stages: